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SO I guess that answers my next questIon of how happy you guys are. Ross kissed the top of her head. They were on they way to their apartment Ross was driving Laura's car. When the tour is done, and before you start doing massive press for the single and album, we will get together with everyone, I promise. When they got to their apartment they called in the order for Chinese and changed into their pajamas. Ross was in the bathroom in his dark blue flannel pajama pants.

He moved her in front of him so she was covering half of his chest, her back facing the mirror. He moved the right strap up so it was not on her shoulder blade. In Laura's neatest cursive in black ink was written. Laura leaned her head against his chest he wrapped his arm around the small of her back making sure his silver band could be seen against the pale yellow he rested his head on top of her head and snapped a picture.

He quickly posted the picture on Instagram. He then opened snapchat right as Laura started to walk down the hallway he started video taping her. She looked back before covering her face. Show me your bling. I love you Ross. He then saved it and added it to his story. Ross walked out of the Bedroom and into the living room, now with his chest covered in a white t shirt. Halfway through the movie the couple had moved to the floor and were leaning against the couch Laura tucked into Ross' side, his arm wrapped around her shoulder.

He looked up at her, she looked at him and started running her hands through his hair. You changed it first!

Its going great, Scott has been helping and me and the guys get along great. We are working on what is gonna be the single, but I'm so happy right now. Raini and Calum have already texted me multiple times might I add that the new song you just sent them is awesome and every time, I have to tell them that my wife didn't send it to me. She hit his shoulder he leaned forward and she got up off the ground and walked to into the kitchen.

You also have to say that you are my husband. He stood up as she walked over to him, he cupped her face forcing her to look into his eyes. That is never going to change. I am so proud of you. You and your album, are going to be fine. Actually, you and your album are going to be more than fine.

The only downside to any of this that I see, and really it's not a downside is that now the entire world is going to see how incredibly talented you are, and that means I am going to half to share you, but I'm going to half to get used to that because you are too amazing not share that talent with the rest of the world. Lynch, I love you till the day I die.

They sat on the couch and opened the ice cream. Tell me about the tour. It never ceases to amaze me that people actually know our music. They care and scream and Laugh when we forget the lyrics. They Love the album, Laur I swear sometimes I think my entire life is a dream. Soon the ice cream was gone and they were making the way to their bedroom. Her eyes opened to see Ross in faded ripped jeans, shirtless, and his hair damp from the shower. Ross threw on a t-shirt before going into the living room to double check his duffle and backpack.

When he satisfied that he had packed all he had brought home, he started looking at the pictures scattered throughout the apartment family, friends, the two of them, and the newest addition of their wedding pictures. Ross took the calender off the wall and put it on the breakfast nook and started looking for the month of March, knowing Laura would have decorated the date the band would be coming home for real. Sure enough, there were the words:. Written in her finest cursive with a guitar surrounded by yellow hearts. He was about to put the calendar back on the wall when he noticed the Fourth was outlined with squiggles the words.

He didn't know she was opening for her labelmates, not that he was surprised, he just found it weird that she didn't tell him she was performing. He put the calendar back on the wall just as Laura came out of the bathroom in ripped skinny jeans, a top that says "Music is my therapy. She walked to him and he wrapped his arms around her waist. She wrapped hers around his neck. What did I do to get you? He did as he was told the grabbed his duffle in one hand and his acoustic that was in its case, while Laura grabbed the keys.

They then walked out of the apartment. They had been driving for ten minutes enjoying the little bit of time they have before she's taken over by his, now their, family.

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They were quiet for a few minutes. In another fifteen minutes they were pulling to the stop where the bus' were. They got out of the car and Laura was immediately attacked in a hug from behind. Laura smiled and turned around and hugged her back, while Ross went to go put his acoustic and bags on the bus. On the wall there were six photos, a picture of the Austin and Ally cast, a picture of the Lynch,Ratliff, and Marano kids, one of Stormie, Vanessa, Ellen, Rydel and Laura, one of Ross and Laura kissing when they first started dating, one from their wedding, and one of just Laura that Ross took.

She looked at the wall, then at him with a smile clearly conveying how touched she was. D Me and my friend work on it together, we like switch off chapter-to-chapter so: On with the story! This is our first fanfic, Kelsea came up with the idea: Constructive critism only please. I was so excited! When we arrived at the movies, we walked down the hallway and walked into the room where the movie we were going to see. Why are they here Let's go behind them and scare them! He should really like Courtney. She has amazing qualities.

She's talented for one. Ross has seen some of her paintings and they're amazing. It's not even like she tries hard either, she'll just be bored and decide to paint something and it's a master piece. She's also really, really thoughtful. She remembers many things about his family and is always getting Rydel little gifts if she so happens to see some jewelry or some clothing she knows Rydel will love.

Courtney also gets along with Ross parents, Stormie and Mark, wonderfully and has fitted into Ross' family like she belongs there. Given all those wondrous qualities, it's a no brainer: Ross should definitely be attracted to Courtney. So why does it feel like Ross is with her because he feels like he should? And not because he wants to be? Courtney is safe, Ross knows that. She won't regulate him or give him a hard time or tell him off if he crosses a line.

She's a no-fail situation. No matter what, she's at Ross' hip. That's what I need, Ross says to himself. I'm a rock star! I'm always going to be traveling around.

Multiple Trys Chapter 4: Tiger Beats Dating Rumors, an austin & ally fanfic | FanFiction

I need someone who's willing to stay. And Courtney is beautiful. And she has an accent. And she loves my music. And maybe even me. So why don't any of those things seem.. Ross' head collided with the table, creating a dull thumping noise as it did. The action only worsened the headache that was coming on, but Ross didn't care. Ross slipped his fingers into his blond hair and gripped the strands until his forehead ached too much. Ross mentally yelled at himself, Who wouldn't kill for someone like Courtney?

Who wouldn't fall for someone like Courtney? As Ross asked himself those questions, a conversation with Calum pulled him out of his own reverie and into a past moment. Ross' brown eyes glanced up at Calum from across the couch. They were sitting together in Calum's dressing room, Ross was leaned back on one end of the couch and Calum was on the other. Their legs were outstretched and laying side by side.

It was squished, but comfortable. The girls had decided to go out for lunch today while Ross stayed back to work on a song and Calum stayed back to keep him company. Whenever Ross got too quiet Calum would tap his feet against Ross' arm and laugh until Ross was squirming away. Writing for Ross either consists of a lot of talking, where he's basically speaking all his ideas out loud or verbally problem solving.

Or he's dead quiet and concentrating on his own thoughts silently. Today it had been a mix of the two, but for the past 10 minutes it has been nothing but silence. Calum sighed dramatically in the way Dez had to do a million times in the take Raini kept laughing in. Ross cracked a smile. Your mind is all wrapped up in it. So lyrics for the R5 song you're trying to write just aren't coming. Ross shrugged in response. You said the R5 lyrics were coming out way too pop-like, right?

You're too in tune with the Austin Moon track. Just finish that one first, as much as you can at least. Especially if you're mind is buzzing all around it. It's probably better that way. Ross took his turn to be annoying and tap his feet against Calum's arm. Ross laughed when Calum just responded by tickling Ross' feet. Not wanting Calum to completely be correct, Ross rebuttled a little. Despite saying that, Ross began to flip through his notebook to return to the lyrics that were coming easily to him today.

Sometimes with song writing Ross is more excited for some more than others. Right now, he really was feeling the Austin Moon song. Although it's still nameless, Ross loves the lyrics so far and the beat. The excitement he had over it was making the R5 song seem like a drag. Not that Ross ever wrote a 10 page MLA paper, but still.

Ross shook his head while cracking another smile. He expected the conversation to end like that, but to Ross' surprise Calum said something that ended up sticking with Ross for years to come. For one, you can't help it. And two, you can't always flip a switch and get that special connection with someone that you have with someone else. Even if all the numbers add up. Yeah, you may write great songs in this setting.

But that doesn't mean it will work all the time. Sometimes things are just special and there's no actual formula for them. Still when Ross thinks back to that conversation his heart skips a beat as the unwanted person pops up in his mind. Why do so many things relate back to her? Was Laura just a special sort of connection he couldn't fight against? He couldn't help he was drawn to her more than other people?

Ross has never felt guilt about his relationship with Laura in the past. It never bothered him that he preferred a conversation with Laura over Raini. Or an outing with Laura over Calum. However lately things are suddenly really complicated and Ross keeps coming back to feeling like it's all wrong the way he feels. Is it because they're both dating other people? Before, when Ross himself was single and so was Laura, he didn't think much over the prolonged smiles and lingering hugs. He never thought twice about offering help or engaging in deep conversations.

Now everything and everyone around him is twisting the innocence around and Ross is pressured to label both him and Laura in some odd, unnatural way.

They're best friends, but it hasn't felt like it in so long. Ross is too scared to even stand next to her sometimes because of what he'll feel, but also because of what others will think. Ross let the question bounce around his mind until resistance pulled through and he managed to shove it all away. R5 was having an album release party tonight. He really should go back to the tour bus.

Ross bit his tongue at the thought of tonight. He wanted to have a good time. He wanted the fans to be as excited about the album just as much as he was.

But Ross didn't want Rocky's weird look when Ross says no to joining them on an after midnight car ride. Or Rydel's concerned stare when Ross says he'll catch up with them later. Or Riker's judgmental look when Ross tells Courtney he's just going to go home and he'll see her tomorrow. Just as Ross began getting up, his phone slipped out the back pocket of his jet black jeans and onto the booth seat. As he went to pick it up his phone screen lit up with a text from his mom. Before the show today Ross couldn't find his stash of guitar picks anywhere and had to hustle some out of Rocky's stash mere minutes before going out on stage.

Ross decided that bit of good news would be enough to carry him back to the bus, but as Ross scrolled through other missed text messages he had one from Laura. She had sent an image, so Ross couldn't read any sort of preview without clicking on it. Ross didn't have his read receipts on, so Laura being able to see he saw her text message but didn't respond wouldn't be an issue.

However, usually Ross is the one who has trouble getting texts from Laura out his mind because they're always so encouraging and lovely and amazing. This particular text intrigued Ross, though. Calum, Raini, Laura, and Ross, all shared a group chat. Its title changed constantly but it was currently labeled 'Cute Dogs' after Raini found a Tumblr blog dedicated to dogs and couldn't stop sending all of them pictures.

The text Laura sent Ross wasn't through that group chat like usual. It was privately sent to him, which doesn't happen often unless she's at the same event as him and wants to know where him and the rest of R5 are. Ross sat back down in the booth and clicked on the message to see what Laura sent. There were two images, with names of some category, then a show, then an actor or actress of that show. Ross' brows lifted just slightly, the way they do when he's impressed.

His stomach felt a bit fluttery with the thought of Laura texting that just to him so he knew. Underneath the image Laura sent a whole string of emojis that included smiling faces and ones with their tongues sticking out. The next image was a similar looking one to the first, except Ross caught both his and Laura's name linked together as a duo nomination.

When Ross' eyes scanned the top of the image he saw that they were up together for Choice TV Chemistry. Ross was good at ignoring the way his stomach flipped, but when he saw that underneath the image Laura had sent a bunch of heart eye emojis with hearts and more smiling faces, he allowed a wide smile to break onto his face and laughter emit from his lips.

Almost two hours later exactly. Would she be around still? Ross hesitated on responding. What should he say? Ross should just get back to the bus. He can hang out with his band and Courtney until the album release party started. Then tomorrow he'll be too busy to be on his phone. He could definitely go at least 3 days without responding and just claim to be busy. His album was coming out really soon, too. Then when he responds he'd do it when Laura would be too busy to respond herself until at least few hours pass. By then he'll be let off the hook and wouldn't have to worry about having any sort of conversation with her.

However, as Ross ran that ridiculous plan through his head he was already typing up a response and hitting send. He was only a little surprised when he instantly saw the little bubble pop up that told him Laura was typing a response. Again, he ignored the way his heart sped up. Ross hated how much he was already smiling. Why is it so easy for her, but so hard for him? His thumbs only briefly danced above his phone's screen. Laura simply responded with another smiley face and Ross was going to leave it at that, but then she started typing again and his butt settled back on the booth's seat.

What was he doing? He just spent half an hour alone thinking about everything and anything and making himself all riled up. Ross can still say something to stop this. To tell her 'sorry, maybe next time. He awaited her reply. Vanessa is teaching me how to turn on my location on the iMessage thing so we can see how far away we are from each other! What is she even doing in Florida?

Is it a family thing? Why is Vanessa with her? Laura soon began sharing her location with Ross. Ross did the same. He mentally kicked himself when he read her reply. We have a rented car! Can you meet up for long or no? Are you just in your bus or are you all at some restaurant? You're with everyone right? Ross was digging his nails into the palm of his hand.

Is this actually what he was going to do? Meet up with Laura in public to hang out? While his band is in the tour bus and Courtney is with them? All of them completely oblivious to what Ross is even doing? It really, really isn't smart. But why isn't it smart? Ross should be happy right now. His album is being released so, so, so soon. He's with an amazing girl. One of his good friends so happens to be in the same state as him and she wants to hang out.

So why is Ross just filled with anxiety and the heavy need to run away from everything that's making him feel good? Supposed to make him feel good? While Ross awaited her reply he wondered who the 'we' was in her text. Just her and Vanessa? Was her mom there, too? He didn't want to see Andrew. He hasn't seen him since Wango Tango and Ross kind of wants to keep it like that.

When he first saw Andrew at that event Laura was rushing towards Ross with her gorgeous smile on her face. Ross had suppressed his own smile and gave Laura a quick side hug before she placed her hand on his shoulder and easily started retelling him some story about her and one of the girls from Fifth Harmony. During that moment Ross' eyes had shifted to Andrew's face multiple times and for some reason, even though Courtney was a few feet away from them and Andrew was practically right in front of Ross, it felt good to be in that position with Laura.

Her fingers were curling against his shoulder and his head had leaned down closer to her so he could hear her among the loud music and ongoing buzz of conversations. Sometimes it just sounded so right. Laura didn't respond to that text and Ross tried not to send another one asking if she was coming alone. He hoped she was. Along with that hope he almost wished Andrew was with her just so Andrew could hear Laura say 'I'm going to meet up with Ross for a bit! Ross scanned through all the other texts he had before pocketing his phone, throwing his half finished coffee into the trash, and then exiting the coffee shop to wait outside for Laura.

Ross sat on a concrete ledge right outside the coffee shop. There was a modest sized parking lot in front of him and other stores and shops to the right and left of him. The tour bus wasn't such a far walk away from here. They had moved the vehicle to a more accessible location and after that is when Ross told everyone he was just going to step out for a bit and take some pictures.

His camera was still strapped around his neck and hasn't been touched since he put it on. Should he take Laura to see everyone? That would be more.. Ross sort of just wanted her to himself, though. Whenever she's around his family it's the same routine filled with the same questions. What have you been up to? How's the music coming? Still plan to go to college? He wanted his authentic conversations with Laura and he couldn't get that with everyone around.

Ross fiddled with his phone and swung his long legs against the concrete ledge. Ten minutes had passed so he expected Laura to be here any second. To keep himself busy, and to kill his anxiety, Ross continued to unlock and lock his phone again and again. During the process of this he received a text message from Riker.

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Ross' tongue clicked and before he could even think to reply someone honked in front of him and he saw Laura's tiny self in a dark blue rented mini van. She was excitedly waving at him and then motioned him to get in the car. Ross hopped off the ledge and told himself he could still bolt. He could say Riker just texted him and he wanted Ross to come back to the bus for something. Or he could say that he totally forgot about their album release party tonight and had to go because he had things to do before the party. Laura was only staying somewhere ten minutes away supposedly.

It wouldn't be that much of a waste of time. Ross was sure he was going to pull through with one of those, but his mind and body failed him once more. Laura smacked his shoulder with both her hands then began to excitedly shake him. Ross' exterior broke instantly. He laughed and shrunk away from her when her hands tried to tickle his neck the way Rydel taught her to do over three years ago. This situation instantly reminded him of all the times he'd play new songs for her and the rest of the cast in his car.

Laura and Raini would always tease him over being shy about them listening to it for the first time. He cared about their opinions a lot, so of course he was nervous. Right now, though, with just him and Laura, it felt nice. The way she pronounced pretty was more like prit-taaayy and Ross laughed even more.

He really did hate her. In two seconds flat she fixed his life blues and he just wanted to take her and stick her in his pocket to keep around for all times. A totally normal action you want to do to someone you hate. You just figured out now? Ross' tone was already dripping into his I'm-lovingly-poking-fun-at-you tone, it was almost unavoidable when it came to Laura.

Since day one they had such a married couple vibe where they'd be constantly bickering over the stupidest thing and making fun of each other. Not the way Riker makes fun of Ross, though. Laura does it where Ross is well aware she cares about him and it's simply all in good fun. There was a second round of nominations or something," Laura told him, lifting her shoulder up that was closest to him and giving him a fake pointed look before carrying on quickly.

Ross shook his head and glanced out the window with a smile on his face. Getting there," Laura's left hand reached up to push all her hair over one shoulder. Is this what it's like to be Ross Lynch? She was teasing him right back, but all of a sudden Ross couldn't force himself to play along. She turned onto the main road. Maybe kidnapping, maybe hanging out. She always managed to make his voice do that, which only happens when he's trying to talk loudly through laughter. Laura started shoving Ross with her hand again.

The only reason Ross even moved was because he decided to. If he wanted, Ross could be totally unaffected by the pathetic hits. She was such a character and so lively. It's humanly impossible not to adore this girl. There were some picnic tables set out and what looked to be hiking maps boarded up at different sections of the grassy area. Ross thought about telling Laura he was just out taking pictures, since saying 'I was trying to collect my thoughts' sounded really dramatic. He opted for simply shrugging when he decided he didn't want to lie to her.

The place was practically empty, only two or three other cars were parked around. Of course, Ross should've expected this. Laura knows him, plus, she's intuitive in general. She has to know something is up. He hasn't even mentioned his album release party tonight or the show he had earlier today. All of which he's assuming Laura knows about because whenever she gets on her iPad to text any of them she usually checks Twitter as well to reply to fans and to see what's going on in the social world.

Ross felt Laura's hand on his thigh.