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I mean, you're even worried about how many boxes of animal crackers to bring. We're only gonna be there for two nights, dude!

Ayane Matsunaga

Besides, I'm pretty sure they have convenience stores in Port Island. I've never really left this place, so I wonder if the murders here got as much play over there, too. Like that Mitsuo Kubo dude. They're still showing him on TV here. Every time I switch on the tube, the news is showing like, what he wrote in his yearbook. Pisses me off, man. The freakin' media's slapping together anything they can find to make the dude look like a born criminal. People think they can say anythin' they want about a guy who's been branded a criminal I mean, I still hate the guy's guts.

I dunno, after getting involved with all this, I started to realize how off-base most rumors are It's so messed up Well, I gotta admit, the news can be pretty out there. Yo, how's it going? Oh yeah, I-I'm on duty today! W-Well, see ya later! I'm busy, so wh-what's on your mind!?

Do you need help speaking? Wh-Where'd you hear that!? I-It's not like I'm worried about it! You offer to teach her. I-I don't need them! But if you really want to teach someone, then maybe I'll listen to you for a while, just to be nice. Y-You should've told me this earlier! Maybe you should talk to her again next time you see her I started running low kinda far from here. But I'm all fueled up again, so I can go anywhere I want now. Wanna take a ride? Let's go to the beach. That didn't even cross my mind But it's a good idea. We've got enough time to take a trip there right now.

I feel like going out for a spin! I still remember the way from the last time we went, so follow me! Let's go in, Sanzo-kun! Hmm, the future, huh It's like I can see what I want for a second, and then it's gone It's still really blurry to me Chie's Bike Date skills-- Hama: Low-level, single-target Light attack.

Medium physical with chance for Panic.

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High-level, single-target Light attack. Tetrakarn repels a single physical attack. High-level, single-target Ice attack. But I think if they're twins they might be able to. There's something I'd like you to do for me The captain was convinced that Ayane could carry it out, and urges her to practice the solo. Ayane struggles to keep up, and is almost on the verge of giving up, but at the protagonist's behest, she decides to stay and practice.

However, when the day of the performance came, the trombone player showed up, apparently recovered from his injuries. Ayane backed out and passed the trombone role back to him, despite nobody urging her otherwise. She then confesses to the protagonist that she felt really angry that her chance had been taken away, and decided from then on to become a selfish person - in a way that she would grab any opportunity that arise for her instead of backing out as she had done so before. She realized her interactions with the protagonist had changed her for the better, and thanked him.

Upon maxing out her social link, Ayane becomes a much stronger person and decides to go on a study abroad program in music after her high school graduation. Also, she will give the Protagonist a Homemade ticket with Her name on it with the date and time saying TBA and asks the protagonist to come see her performance when she performs. In the anime she is seen posting a Drama club poster on the school board and sees Yosuke in pain after being kicked by Chie.

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She reappears again on October 26, when she meets Yu after he accidentally hits her with a soccer ball while playing against Kou and Daisuke, which causes her to end up in the nurse's office. Ayane's role is similar to the original game except on October 29, she was depressed that she was bad at playing the trombone and decides to give up her role as a trombone player.

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I see that you did pick up on something I was saying while sitting there with that stupid look on your face. All right, so if man is a thinking reed, do you know what an un-thinking reed is? An un-thinking reed is just a reed! So I expect you idiots to at least keep thinking!

And read some books! Oh, thank God, Sanzo. I don't know what he would've said if I'd given the wrong answer I showed it to them, but they said a grown-up sticker didn't count. Here, you can have it back Where am I supposed to find a rare kid's sticker? I don't know any Maybe you should ask some kids for ideas. Have you read any picture books? Don't just assume that they're for small children. They're expensive, and hard to get too, but Are you interested in them?

Ah, I knew you would be! I'll let you have one, but Have you heard of Hard Boots? If you can bring me a pair, I'll trade you for a picture book, okay? I think that's a fair trade. What do you say?

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Just bring them to me, and we'll make the trade. They drop from Dancing Hands in the Bathhouse. Are you really going to trade with me? Okay, here you go. And you can have this, too. Those boots cost 22,, and the book is completely useless to Sanzo. If you keep doing that, your eyes are gonna rot out!

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  • They'll rot away and you'll be sorry you read my stuff! This doesn't make sense I wouldn't leave this here You came here with Yosuke for a quick bite to eat. What is it today? How come Kazumi can take the day off and we can't? We told you before!

    here We can't work Saturdays! So when we refused, they said they were going to fire us! I don't get this! Hey, I talked to the manager. Have you two been taking absences without leave lately? I-I just forgot to come Besides, that's not the point! What're you going to do about this!?

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    • I have a date that day! How come you're favoring Kazumi, huh!? You were like that with Saki, too! Don't try to hide it! You liked Saki and treated her special! I don't think Saki-senpai has anything to do with this subject.

      You told the other workers to take it easy on Saki too, didn't you? You think you can do anything just because you're the manager's son!? So it's Kazumi now that Saki's dead!? Don't even bother, she has a boyfriend.

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      Didn't you get it!? Saki didn't like you! We heard so from her!