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  • Since we do not collect user data, there is nothing for us to destroy if you decide to opt-out. Please know that we still offer the option to. You will find an "opt-out" button at the bottom of the page, in the footer. You will then be presented with the same consent screen next time you access the website if you opt-out. Hook up culture has become the norm in today's day and age, and whether you are here for it or not, it's only realistic to accept that it is a part of today's dating world.

    If you are someone who is or is looking to casually hook up with someone, there are definitely some things you should keep in mind before you take the plunge.

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    You've got to make sure you are picking the right kind of person to hook up with, and by that I mean choose someone who a isn't an ass and b doesn't get attached easily. Ground rules sound lame but they're important, and by this I don't mean you have to sit there and write a list. And in a healthy hookup, part of that is communicating your needs and seeing if the other person is willing to meet them.

    If not, this is not the hookup for you. This skill is about keeping your emotions in check. Post-hookup, you may start to feel those warm twinges of love and images of a beautiful life together. You may get excited when it comes late one Saturday night, suggesting a spontaneous rendezvous. All of these feelings can happen. And it was not intended to be from the beginning.


    Why Telling Your Casual Hookup How You Really Feel Isn’t The Worst Idea Ever

    You can view the experience fondly, rather than yearning for more. You can remind your developing feelings of love that they are better placed elsewhere, when the right relationship person comes along. Should that text come, you can decide whether you want to pursue it, rather than feeling dependent upon it for a sense of self-worth. And, should your hookup start to turn into a relationship, then you can be pleasantly surprised and see where it goes. For those of you who are on the receiving end of someone wanting a hookup to go further than you want it to go, you need to keep your anxiety or annoyance about this in check also.

    Be clear and direct with the person about where you are and what they can expect, both up front and afterwards. And be kind in all of your communications. You had sex with this person. You just shared nakedness, bodily fluids, and perhaps lots of other things.

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    And the people involved deserve to be respected. She lives in Stony Brook, New York, with her partner. Kaycee Lashman is an organizational change specialist who focuses on relationship dynamics within companies. Married with two children, she lives in Vancouver, Canada.

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    Mutuality A healthy hookup is about it being good for both people. Emotion Regulation This skill is about keeping your emotions in check.