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Hi Jessica, if your being scanned befor 10 weeks its usually an internal scan. Its not as bad as it sounds but is a bit embaressing. Im sorry to hear that you had a bad experiance before but try not to worry. I got a great picture with my scan at 8 weeks and it was a lot clearer than i could have imagined.

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Hope all goes well for you. Hi, I'm sorry you are feeling so anxious at the moment but it is rather understandable. I had a missed miscarriage last year and it was a big shock and very upsetting so I know how you feel. I had an early scan at 8 weeks too.

Week 8 of pregnancy (Days 56-62)

There is not much to see as the baby is so small but you are able to see a heartbeat flickering from this early on so I have everything crosssed for you that you will. I think when something like this has happened you can't help worrying for some time. Just stay positive and I'm sure you will be fine. You are not alone, many of us on here have been through similar things so I'm sending you a big hug! Just to add, I know a lot of ladies,such as Gazno had to have an internal scan as it was early on but I didn't so don't panic. They acatually said I was only 7 weeks when they scanned me although I was 8 weeks form my dates, it depends when you ovulated etc.

And if you do have an internal scan remember it is going to put your mind at rest so it's worth it.

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But it was'nt bad at all, not half as bad as it sounds! The picture came up straight away - although we see the heartbeat flickering there was'nt much else to see, it looked more like a little mouse lol!!

8 Week Ultrasound

I could see a head and bum and a little flickering heartbeat. Not much detail but enough to know that everything was ok. I hope it goes well for you. Hi, I can totally understand your worry. I had 2 miscarriages last year and both scans at 6 weeks showed nothing.

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This time round i had some bleeding so had a scan at 7 weeks. This was internal and really all i could see was the little heart flickering away! At 9 weeks we paid for a private scan and that was magic. You could clearly see a head and body and heart. It seemed to have hicups and kept doing little jerky movements!

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It was the most wonderful thing ive ever seen. At this point in your pregnancy, an ultrasound can confirm that your baby is healthy and progressing as it should be. If you are having twins or more , you might be able to see multiple yolk sacs and multiple heartbeats. However, as it is still early days one baby may be missed at this stage.

At eight weeks pregnant, your baby will measure about 1. Your little one will also start to make involuntary movements, similar to a slight flicker or a jump.

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Didn't get the email? It can also be performed to confirm the results of a pregnancy test or just to provide you with some reassurance that all is progressing as it should be. At MUMS we are very proud of our professional experienced and caring staff who will ensure that you receive the best care possible and give advice and support where appropriate.

Your reasons for having an Early Pregnancy Scan are to: Early Pregnancy Scans are normally performed trans-abdominally through your tummy however an internal vaginal scan may be required at earlier gestations ie weeks to see all the necessary detail, or if your womb tilts backwards retroverted. We will always try to scan trans-abdominally first but if we need to do an internal scan then this will not be harmful in any way to the baby and would be discussed prior to having the scan.

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Ultrasound scans are painless but the gel used within the examination can feel a little cold and you may feel a little discomfort when the ultrasound probe presses on your tummy if you have a very full bladder. An ultrasound scan typcally takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and the images seen will determine whether a Trans-Vaginal ultrasound scan internal is needed. Your ultrasound scan will be carried out by one of our highly qualified professionals in a caring and comfortable environment.


During your scan we will explain the findings to you and following your scan we will give you your images and detailed report. If we cannot see a heartbeat then this is either due to the pregnancy being too early this is the commonest reason or that the pregnancy is found to be not viable.