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We regularly run anonymous surveys that aim to discover the truth about dating in New Zealand, enabling us to truly tailor our advice to the subjects that Kiwi singles are most interested in. Not only do we therefore actively enable our members to find a meaningful relationship, but we offer credible knowledge which supports their long-term goals.

We offer a comprehensive multi-step introductory process for members, have a dedicated team on hand to answer any queries you may have, and manually verify all user profiles to ensure authenticity. The main principle of our communication is to constantly protect your personal information , so all sensitive data is encrypted and will not be shared with any other members or third parties. Please select your gender and search gender.

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Every profile on our site is verified manually by our Customer Care team. Finding a dating agency — why EliteSingles is the smart choice Choosing the right dating agency is an important decision in your search for relationship success. We have an intelligent matchmaking system, genuine members and a commitment to the highest standards of customer service and safety, making it easier to find a date with us. Indeed, EliteSingles is the right dating agency for singles searching for a long-term, meaningful relationship in New Zealand.

A dating agency that offers truly compatible connections At EliteSingles we believe finding a compatible partner - someone who genuinely suits your lifestyle and dating ambition - is vital for long-term happiness. Advice that suits your situation. Dating tips from the experts.

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Customer service and safety. Despite the relationship ending, Sackett, a self-proclaimed introvert, is not against internet dating.

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She is more likely to be social online than to go out and talk to strangers. So how do you feel about dating and never doing this again? The year-old fell in love with a fellow eco-warrior only to discover that she was a completely different person. Matt was sitting inside on a rainy Auckland day in September when he decided to have a look at planetearthsingles.

He thought it'd be cool to live in Costa Rica so he looked through profiles there. One woman stuck out as being attractive and lovely.

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She was a year-old Canadian woman living in a remote eco-house in the Central American country. They launched into a month of intense communication. Matt said they were sending photos, calling and face-timing. The woman was warm, friendly and seemed just as enthusiastic about him as he was about her. They talked about how they wanted to live off the grid, grow their own vegetables and keep chickens. It was very intense. She was living the life I wanted to lead. When Matt decided to go to Costa Rica to meet her she urged him to get a one-way ticket as "it is all about intention".

Finding a dating agency – why EliteSingles is the smart choice

But when he got there at the end of October she was weird, distant and aloof. He was surprised as he had just moved halfway around the world for her. Then I got there and she was a different person. Puzzled Matt asked locals about her. He discovered that she had a reputation for being "unstable and strange". He said he hasn't spoken to the woman since and they never resolved what had really gone on. Now back home Matt doesn't think he will use that website again, and he definitely won't be finding women abroad.

I just didn't see it coming. Sasha Madarasz, 42, set up dating agency Two's Company 13 years ago to a booming industry. In the past five years, or even three, it's really skyrocketed. Madarasz thinks the digital world could be to blame.

People have stopped putting themselves out there and want to just fall into a relationship. She said her parents' generation used to meet at dances or through the community but there's not really that option anymore. Meeting at a bar or nightclub is the "natural" way to bump into a future partner, but that environment isn't for everyone. Dating isn't easy, dating is really hard.

Everything is so easy to do you don't have to leave the house. Madarasz has had people from all over the world ask her to pair them with a Kiwi. But she has to turn them down as New Zealanders can't be bothered with the long-distance hassle. She recently had a South African safari owner wanting to find a Kiwi woman because "they're the best".

The dating expert's advice to singles is to get out there and just date, don't overthink it and always give everyone at least two chances. We think about it so much and there's actually nothing to think about. Just see if you're having fun and getting along.

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